TALOS (Terazzo) achieves many of the aesthetic qualities found in ceramic tiles or stone surfaces. Made with special aggregates, Terazzo offers complete creative freedom for customers to establish the ideal mix of colours they desire. It is among the highly sought-after material for flooring use.

Advantages of Talos (Terazzo)

A unique trait of Terazzo is its longevity, usually lasts longer than the entire life span of a building. It is resistant against water damage, fire damage, chemical spillage and other stain risks. It also costs less than other material because of the lowest life-cycle costs in flooring.

Why Terazzo 1

Edge types

The design possibilities of Silestone are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Why Terazzo 13

Basic / Eased

Why Terazzo 13


Why Terazzo 15

Demi Bullnose

Why Terazzo 13


Why Terazzo 13

Hollywood / Wedge Bevel

Why Terazzo 18

Waterfall / Double Radius

Why Terazzo 13


Why Terazzo 13

Ogee Special

Why Terazzo 21

Step-Half Bullnose / Dupont

Why Terazzo 13

Top Roundover

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