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Why Solid surface? Solid Surface is a unique material that can be bent and shaped flexibly during fabrication, making it the go to material for custom work. Comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, it is commonly used as a contemporary surface for heavy duty or day-to-day use in kitchens, restaurants, airports or hotels.

Advantages of Solid Surface

Solid surface is scratch resistant and stain resistant. Known to be highly durable, it is resistant to heat, mold, chemicals, pollutants and bacteria. Most importantly, solid surface is the tested choice of material for environmental friendly and safety use.

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Stratum Series

Edge types

The design possibilities of Silestone are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Why Solid Surface 69

Basic / Eased

Why Solid Surface 69


Why Solid Surface 71

Demi Bullnose

Why Solid Surface 69


Why Solid Surface 69

Hollywood / Wedge Bevel

Why Solid Surface 74

Waterfall / Double Radius

Why Solid Surface 69


Why Solid Surface 69

Ogee Special

Why Solid Surface 77

Step-Half Bullnose / Dupont

Why Solid Surface 69

Top Roundover

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