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This elegantly beautiful surface comes with exclusive technical features and aesthetics, with endless applications for both indoor and outdoor use. It makes stylish bathroom interior possible without significant financial costs.

Advantages of Porcelain

Porcelain is scratch resistant, stain resistant and water proof. It is a durable material that does not fade in colour over time due to its UV resistant characteristics. Also a nonporous material, porcelain is one of the most anti-bacteria surface that ensures maximum hygiene for users.

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Edge types

The design possibilities of Silestone are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

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Basic / Eased

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Demi Bullnose

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Hollywood / Wedge Bevel

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Waterfall / Double Radius

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Why Porcelain 15

Ogee Special

Why Porcelain 23

Step-Half Bullnose / Dupont

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Top Roundover

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